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Saturday, June 11, 2016

To those who care,
Thoughts for the day: What role do we play in our lives?

This time of the year, Dota 2's Manila Major tournament is happening. As I watched one of the many games today, it reminded me of something I was taught about sometime ago..

In these tournaments, there're always 3 main roles.
Spectator - Commentator - Player

They are the people who stands in the sidelines, and they just watch the game. They do nothing significant other than getting entertained and letting time past by. Sometimes they even blurt out ridiculous comments and trash talk whilst in the comfort of their seats.

They will watch the game and pay attention to the details. They will give insights and comments and also sometimes suggest "better" ways that should have been taken. Their sole role in this is to.. comment about everything. Again, they do so in the comfort of their seats.

Then you have the Players:
These are people down in the trenches, giving their 100%, taking on all the stress, given plenty of hours into advancing further. They are constantly charging, taking action, improving.. They do everything IN the battlefield!

Out of the 3, the only one that has a chance in winning the prize are the Players.

Life is the biggest game/tournament of our time on Earth.
What is your role in your life?

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Monday, September 28, 2015

To those who care,
Thoughts for the day: The Road Less Taken

Today marks a big historical milestone in my life.

I have officially put in my notice of resignation. The road ahead is uncertain and unknown.

I have been working in this company for the past 4.5 years, ever since I graduated. Made my way from Associate to Assistant Manager in 2 years, but a life-changing event took place last year.

It's been a year of contemplating, and today I finally did it. What may come may come. I shall have faith and trust that God put this forward to me because I am capable of taking it on.

It's not something that anyone will do, it scares most people. I made a decision, and I shall stay by it, cause this is my life. It's always about that. When I die, I want to know I have changed the lives of many. When I die, I want to know that I mattered. When I die, I want to know I have made the most of my time on Earth.

Death is inevitable.
The choices made during my life, is the only thing that I can influence and affect.

Many will shun me, many will question me, many will doubt me.

But I am done living by the expectations of society. I am done living a life of mediocrity. I am done....

It's time to fly, and reach high. Give me strength... 
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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

To those who care,
Thoughts for the day: Box

Over the weekend I've learnt something.

It's not new, but this gives it the perspective that some of you may be able to connect better.

The majority of us live our lives going through the motions... from one box to the other

In the morning, we reluctantly wake up in our box and get off it
Then we enter a box with mirror and basins to cleanse ourselves
When we're done with that, we move to the box that has 4 wheels to move it
On the road we're in our box, and surrounded by boxes - at the front, back, left, right, diagonal sides
And once we parked our box in a small little box designated for it, we head towards a tall box
In the tall box, we get into a smaller box that will elevate us to our designated "floor"
When in the designated "floor", we move from that small (elevator) box, to an even smaller box called... Cubicle
And we get stuck in that box from 9am - 6pm....or later
And we call it a day....

This is the system that most of us are familiar with...
Are you happy with the box life? 
Are you satisfied repeating this box life for the rest of your life?

Yes? Good for you! You found your rightful place in the box...

No? Then what are you going to do differently to get out of it?

I chose to get out of the box life.
Thanks to a good friend of mine, I was presented the opportunity to get out of the box!

And I seized it...

My life looks a lot like this now...

One thing's for sure, I'm having a lot more fun now!

It's always a choice:
- To stay in your box life; or
- To take a chance and do something different

If you want something more, drop me a comment. Else, thanks for reading :)

Just remember, the choice is yours... and yours alone!
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Monday, September 15, 2014

To those who care,
Thoughts for the day: Road to perfection

Here's something I learnt, or rather, been made aware.. Courtesy of the best director of training ever!

In everything we do, there's generally four levels of competencies.

Phase 1: Unconsciously Incompetent
We don't know what we don't know. We live on our lives not knowing that we actually suck at doing some stuff.. People who knows it will look at us like an infant, still oblivious to all our naive actions.

Then one day, we were drawn to attention of our weakness....

--Enter Phase 2--

Phase 2: Consciously Incompetent
We know we suck at doing things. Such as the first time we were playing the piano, or the first time we try to swim... Those who aren't determined often quit here. For this is the part where you must accept your weakness, embrace the full frontal assault of the consequences and try to do better step by step!

By learning, we will start to get hold of what is the right way...

--Enter Phase 3--

Phase 3: Consciously Competent
We know how to do better. The only problem: We need to be constantly be aware of it, or we'll go back to being incompetent. A lot of frustration will surface here, and the amount of effort to be put here is immense. There will be downtimes, there will be depressing moments, and of course there will be glorious times. Those who can't breakthrough will tend to turn away.

By repeatedly doing it the right way, we slowly become much better...

--Enter Final Phase--

Phase 4: Unconsciously Competent
The final stage is when we're doing it without even thinking too much about it. It just comes naturally. We know how to react! We know how to do it! It seems so easy!

How long will it take for the journey from Phase 1 --> Phase 4?
Nobody knows.. In fact, we don't even know if we'll ever come out of Phase 1...

And those who quit in Phase 2 or 3?
You'll never see the end...

The road to perfection is a long and weary journey. But after all the harshness, the end will be worth it! Enjoy the journey while you're at it!

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

To those who care,
Thoughts for the day: Something different

Today let's touch on something about life.

We always see successful people coming up top. Appearing high top, doing what they love, and pursuing their DREAMS.

Those are actually the minority of us.

The rest of us...
Let money drive us to death.

Ask yourself this question - What do you love to do most?

For your job that earns you a living, does it jive with the question above?

If so, good...
If not, why?

We're all born with a free mind, but society have conditioned us to follow its system of modern slavery.

We started off with education, which is the best thing in our life. We learn, we practice, we improve.

Then after a certain point in time, we enter "SOCIETY".

What we need to give up is "Time"
What we get is "Income"

And most of the time, "Time given up" is not equals to "Income gained"....

Why? Because it's a job.. You get rewarded by making the boss richer, and to make sure you continue doing that, you are rewarded with a small piece of that fortune.

The poor makes the rich richer...

But then, there's something funny here... We are content with it in our subconscious mind. Yes, we complain and complain.. But guess what, this is stable... this is the only way we know... this is conventional.

We are all risk-averse creatures... We think too much of the possibilities that something will not work and is a terrible idea... Only those that dare take the risks and persevere in their belief, will eventually make it at the top.

The final question for the night:
Are you willing to take a leap of faith into something that you don't know for sure will work?

Cause I just did...
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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

To those who care,
Thoughts for the day: First cut

Somewhere I used to go so often...
Now, it's just someplace I used to know...

Over the weekend, amidst doing some chores, I've had to pass by SS2..

The drive through the streets, it all feels too familiar..

It's been over a year now, but I still do feel that little something inside.

Pent up anger? Maybe
Deep emotional grief? Maybe

I just wonder... will I move on completely.. And when I see you, will I be able to face you like how I face other friends?

Are you still a friend?
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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

To those who care,
Thoughts for the day: ~_~

They always say it's uncontrollable.. And I really do think so.

Funny how when you are not in the mess, you can see how messy things truly are.

One Love:
Existing and lasting promise... A strong bond and connection... Familiarity...
Just can't let go...

Two Love:
New and fresh start... Something different and paints life with new colours... Keeps the heart racing...
Afraid it won't last...

Three Love:
Lovely but forbidden touch... Attraction that draws close... Fulfilling and feels complete...
But is taken...

Four Love:
Treasured but lost feelings... Committed and loyal... Feels deeply for everything that transpires...
But is no longer in grasp...

There are infinite possibilities when faced with the situation as above.

The results will be as a result of:
- Timing
- Personalities
- Decisions
- Principles
- State of mind
- Approach
and many others...

There is no right or wrong... In the end, these form the branches on the path of life that we all have to choose...

Wait too long without an answer, and the opportunity might slip
Not deciding, and you might end up with none

Whatever happens.. there is no going back..

I've had my regrets.. I've had my chances...

So, folks, choose wisely~
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